Palm vein scanner for contactless identification


Palm vein scanner for contactless identification

Contactless identification
through the veins of the palm

High-precision biometric identification method based on infrared scanning of the palm
Non-contact identification method (no contact with the scanner)
Scanning hygiene
Impossible to fake or use dummies since the veins of the palm are not visible to the naked eye
Tolerant to dryness, moisture, dirt on the palm (dust, oil, coal dust etc.)
Resistant to shallow cuts
The pattern of the palm veins does not change with age (final formation at the age of 12). Low error rate (FAR/FRR)


PALM JET is a non-contact compact scanner. Reader dimensions - 96x96x56 mm. Modes of operation: "palm", "card + palm". Network connection to the Unipass controller. Built-in reader for RFID-cards of Mifare format. PoE power supply. Scanning distance 40 - 100 mm. Recognition speed is less than a second. The degree of protection of the case is IP65.
Mounting and Indication
The reader is installed in a hole for a standard socket with a diameter of 68 mm and a depth of 45 mm in both drywall and concrete walls. An alternative of fixing the device to a flat surface is provided without drilling a hole. For this, the reader can be equipped with an add-on housing.

The scanner is equipped with light / sound indication of operating modes. It is intuitive both for a user and for an operator.
PALM JET can be equipped with a contactless body temperature sensor. The sensor detects a person with high fever entering the room, and the access is automatically blocked.

Wrist thermometry is one of the most accurate methods of detecting fever. It is much more reliable than measuring facial temperature. Thermal sensor accuracy of 0.2°С / 0,36°F.

The option is only available in the version with an add-on housing, i.e. when mounted on a flat surface.

PALM JET comes in two colours — pearl white and dark gray.


Biosmart has been out on the biometric systems market since 2006. We have patented our palm vein scanner in EU and in the United States. The reliability of BioSmart devices is confirmed by European CE certificates and the Czech certificate for the IV class of safety. We are also ISO-9001 certified. Since 2018, we have been out on the European market welcoming you to our office in Prague, Czech Republic. Today we ship our products to 20 countries around the globe, and our production site with high-end equipment and a certified testing laboratory takes up over 10,000 m2.
Our production includes a printed circuit board assembly workshop with automated lines for surface assembly of printed circuit boards and selective soldering of lead-out elements, assembly areas for terminals and devices, a locksmith and electrical assembly workshop. We have adjustment and test areas and quality control areas at every stage of the process. We use 3D printing to print prototype enclosures. We have our own testing laboratory (climate control, EMP), our warehouses for components and finished products are fully automated.

In the making

Finished scanners undergo a series of clean room tests to ensure the highest quality of devices.

Then, the scanner is optically calibrated and UV dried. Then, the incoming inspection of optical materials is performed on the spectrometer. At the very end - we conduct tests on a shaker.
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